Blogs best practices to help you in ranking and better user experience.

Any SEO experts at the best SEO company in Indore will tell you that success in digital marketing doesn’t come just by regularly posting content on social media channels. No doubt content writing is a crucial element in digital marketing, but having an effective content marketing strategy is also essential. The content strategy includes formulating a plan of where to place what content. The ultimate goal of any content is to increase the ranking of the website, generate the lead, and attract more and more visitors. To make sure your content attracts the right audience, keep these points in mind.

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Blogs and guest posts are some of the most effective ways to rank a website high on SERP. Seo expert suggests keeping the following points in mind while maintaining the blog.

  • Consider a pleasing font family

Verdana is the best font style you can and should choose that will help you increase your ranking.

Among other font families available, Verdana is the best one. one must consider this font family while blogging.

  • Keep font size that is readable

When writing your blog, it is crucial to ensure that it is easy to read and understand. For which, it is essential to keep the font size between 15 to 18 px.

  • Use images or visual forms

Blogs or any other form of content with images performs much better in terms of reach and engagement. If you maintain a blog for your business, consider incorporating relevant and interesting images and videos. If your piece of writing is on any particular product, provide the link of that product page so that users can move over to that page. But most importantly, alt tags the images.

  • Image by developers

If you wish to create your own images, you can do so. Take the help of a professional designer to create an image of the products with is USPs.

  • How to store images

Blogging is not a one-time thing. You need to be consistent with your efforts. This also means keeping the images safe in one place. To make sure the blog images are stored safely, create a folder in Google Drive.

  • Heading/ subheading

When it comes to blogging, heading and subheading play a vital role in making the blog visually appealing. Make proper use of heading and subheading while publishing the blog.

  • Keywords usage

SEO without keyword is life without air, impossible. When writing blogs for your website, make sure you use relevant keywords in your content. But one should never overuse keywords. Keyword stuffing is a major reason why few companies lose their ranking.

  • Tag creation

When adding tags on the blog page, make sure you only use those keywords which are relevant and targeted ones.