Three key advantages that you can get from cloud computing services


A Cloud Security Alliance report recently indicated that 33% of companies have gone all out on cloud service with 86% of companies appending a part of its budget to IT for cloud-based services. This is how companies respond to the groundbreaking impacts of cloud computing to their organizations.

Technology market research provider UK-based Vanson Bourne has been carefully following the cloud-computing segment of the information technology industry and found that many businesses could take advantage of the benefits cloud computing could offer to enhance more than just efficiency and productivity.

Here are some notable impacts of cloud services on businesses from IT staffing companies to managed computer services.

The Vanson Bourne report revealed that there’s a 20.66% average in time businesses improve its presence in the market. There’s also a 19.6% average increase in company growth and an 18.8% average increase in process efficiency.

The same report also stated that there was a 16.18% average reduction in operational costs, 15.07% average reduction in IT spending and a 16.76% average reduction in IT maintenance and overhead costs.

One of the biggest advantages of cloud computing services is the virtual aspect of cloud computing. It becomes an “invisible” resource that does not eat up any physical space, hardware or software. It is available any time of the day no matter where you are or what you are doing.

Companies also get to reduce the size of data centers by relying on cloud-based off-site data servers which also means less warm bodies to manage it.

Let’s face it, the size of traditional computer servers rely on the demand for data needed to be stored or processed. It is relative to the size of the data required for your information network- more data, more physical space, more people, and more overhead costs.

With cloud-based services, you don’t have to rely on bulky physical infrastructure to keep things going and smooth sailing- all you need is a reliable and stable internet connection.

Need more storage capacity? You only pay for the cost of memory instead of paying for additional hardware and physical infrastructure.

Instead of buying updated software and user license, your cloud service provider could simply provide you with the latest firmware or software updates over the air.

Cloud service is flexible and capacity can be scaled down depending on demand. It can be turned off, scaled up or down as the need arises. You don’t have to get stuck to physical infrastructure and hardware when the season calls for less business. But with cloud services, you can pay only for the capacity you need.